Wednesday, April 25, 2007

tv on a school night will return after these messages

Just like the Top Models, I'm hitting the road. And since tonight is the dreaded airing of the always hellaciously boring recap episode, it seems like the perfect time to announce a tv on a school night hiatus.

Not only am I off on a business trip next week from which I will not return until mid-May, but due to my now legendary and still harrowing treadmill incident, as of today (after a much needed doctor's appointment), my injured left hand has been sentenced to 4-6 weeks in a splint! ARRRGGGHHHH!!!

Needless to say, I am not particularly thrilled about this as the bulky item now tightly velcroed around my hand, wrist, and forearm makes it a BEEYATCH to type. So perhaps it's for the best that I take a break.

And, since I already know I will be out and about while I'm out of town on the night of the Top Model finale, I will report on the TIVOed episode that will be waiting for me upon my return. It might even be possible for me not to hear who took the Cover Girl crown before then, so I can enjoy the tension, suspense, and surprise just like the rest of the Top Model watching crowd.

So, until then, we are ALL still in the running towards becoming America's Next Top Model!


Anonymous said...


I missed the finale tonight. WHO WON? Please not Gasoline! Too skinny,too ugly, can't speak proper English . . .

Please let me know!

PS: Have you noticed that although they win a contract with CoverGirl not one Top Model winner has ever appeared in a CGirl commercial. It's because none of them CAN SPEAK properly.

Koko's BFF

gigi said...

AW YEAH--my skinny Jaslene took the title!!

True enough, not one Top Model can speak particularly well, although Caridee came fairly close. My head still hurts every time I think of Naima's or Nicole's droning voices.

Can't say Jaslene's spots will be much better vocally and verbally, but I think she's stunning so I'll be happy to at least look at her once a week. God knows we never see any of these girls after their My Life as a Cover Girl stints, so I'll take what I can get.

But you know they all end up in a crappy photo shoot in In Touch or Us Weekly!

Anonymous said...

I'm devasted she won! I just don't get it . I think the girl is downright homely.