Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Pretty Girls With Stanky Attitudes

I always go for the cute pixie cut girl, which always makes Stu wonder why the hell I'm constantly pissing and moaning about my growing out my short hair. Doesn't he understand that everything looks better on someone who's in the running towards becoming America's Next Top Model???


Well, no one has actually ever called me a bitch, except maybe this one girl who went to college with my best friend from high school and I ended up making out with a guy she hearted for like years and years (value added: he was engaged to someone else, i.e. not me or the girl who'd pined for him for some eternal amount of time). She's probably over thinking that I'm a beeyotch and I'm long over the fact that when I called him a week after the party he totally dissed me. But whatev. Long ago. The time is now and I am back on the blog, baby!!

Much has happened to me since my little Jaslene took the title of America's Next Top Model. And sure, I should have blogged about my summer love, So You Think You Can Dance, but frankly amidst nine bi-coastal flights, four weddings, and a cross country drive which ended in Stu and I relocating our tired asses from Seattle to Philadelphia so he could take a swanko job at a delightful, small, private college, well, the blogging spirit never quite moved me.

I pondered giving up blogging for good, but after tonight's ANTM premiere, after I saw that someone had named her child Spontanioeuse, that someone had uttered the words "pretty girls with stanky attitudes," and that Ty Ty had turned to a model from Yale and said, "c'mon, you know a lot of these girls are dumb," well, I pondered abandoning blogging no more.

The bitch and the models are BACK.

As always, newness abounds in the premiere, the foremost and most disgustingly obvious being the glaring product placement. Although we have seen much blatant product pushing over the cycles, none were quite so, how shall I put it, FUCKING ENORMOUS as tonight's. We're talking tanker HUGE. We're talking, A FREAKING CRUISE SHIP. Oh, yes the folks at the CW have outdone themselves and put this year's hopeful models on a cruise. Bad enough as that is, the floating hotel wouldn't have been so tacky if it weren't for Miss Jay's needless monologue about the vast list of amenities available on said cruise liner. Like we really needed to know that there was an ice skating rink on board. Of course we did, because of course the models had a jolly good time chucking fake snowballs at each other whilst circling the ice. Wow. I must remember to jot down the name of this cruise ship that I totally can't recall even though they showed it a cajillion times because now that I've seen the top models aboard such a vessel, I know it's the perfect vacay spot for me! That's advertising dollars hard at work people.

So, ahoy matey! On to deliberations! Or more just commentary really since no one has been eliminated just yet. Oh sure like 90 girls got sent home tonight, but I don't have the wherewithal to talk about all of 'em. Just the remaining thirteen then:

Ambreal: Quite lovely. Good spirited. Sold.

Bianca: I'm reserving judgment for after they get rid of her $25 weave in the makeover episode.

Chantal: Yeah, I guess she's modelesque. I'm guessing she gets eliminated early on. At least she would be if I were Tyra for a day.

Ebony: Ah, shades of Ebony from cycle 1 and Eva Diva from cycle 3. The girl who drives everyone else in the house NUTS, but underneath the beeyotchiness is pain and vulnerability. Sniff. Sniff.

Heather: Lovelovelove the Asperger Syndrome Hunchback of Notre Dame! Seriously, she is gorgeous and as Tyra and the Jays said, everything high fashion is concave anyway. So she'll never stick her chest out and spread her legs for Sports Illustrated.

Janet: My new pixie cut pick! My early fave aside from Asperger girl. Janet has quite the dancer's stance and walk, even though she's a waxer. I suppose the two are not mutually exclusive, however.

Jenah: Don't remember a thing about her except for her stunning face, which either bodes well for her future as a Top Model, or very, very poorly...

Kimberly: Nope, can't recall a thing about this chick either than when I first saw her, I thought her eyes were too wide set. Too early to judge. And you know there are those early low hanging fruits you don't need to pay attention to anyway.

Lisa: I've got a soft spot for the bikini dancer. Definitely in the running.

Mila: Mila is my *WTF were they thinking??!!* girl. I don't see it. I don't see her as a model, I don't see her as remotely attractive, and I don't see her as anything but annoying the crap outta me with her "life is a celebration" business. Oh, sure, I like a positive spirit as much as the next gal, but not someone who thinks that like "life is a celebration" translates into like just literally celebrating like holidays, and like birthdays, and like her friends' birthdays...

Saleisha: I'm down with the girl who went to the Tyra Inspirational Institute. Clearly, it worked cuz that girl has got some confidence, but as I'm sure Tyra taught her, it's a confidence mixed with a dash of humility. Excellent recipe, sure to win Ty Ty's heart every week. Although be afraid people, be very afraid, Tyra's gonna be harder on her. One can only wish for another Tiffani-like tirade from Tyra.

Sarah: Eh, whatever. Pretty, whatever.

Victoria: Awkward smarty pants from Yale rules! I always root for the high I.Q. girls. They've yet to make it, cuz they just can't hang on for the entire, as Stu likes to call it, "ride of the braniacs."

Jaslene: Just had to take a moment to discuss the new My Life as a Cover Girl spot with my beloved Cha Cha Diva, who Stu thinks is abysmally unattractive, but as you all know, I find divinely gorgeous, at least in photographs. So the spot wasn't too horrific, she's certainly lively and enthusiastic enough, however, what the hell did they do to her hair in the narration segments? She has this great dark and shiny, free-flowing mane and they gave her some sort of Teddy Roosevelt, parted-in-the-middle helmet. I might start to see what Stu is talking about if they keep that stylist on staff.

Until next week, dear readers, you are still in the running towards becoming America's Next Top Model!

I'm off to watch my TIVOed episode of Gossip Girl!


alisa said...

Welcome back! ANTM just isn't the same without you. xxxoo a (p.s. My early pick: Lisa the Pole Dancer.)

Kathleen said...

I'm so happy that ANTM is back! And even more excited that the blog is back! I love Heather and Lisa. Have to root for the underdogs!

gigi said...

Many thanks for the warm welcome back! Ah, life just feels better with crappy TV to write about. Sigh.

Looks like we have an early Top Model jumping out ahead of the pack, at least according to Alisa, Kathy, and me--Lisa pole/bikini dancer is the one to watch! And let's not forget Asperger girl, of course.

sari said...

Don't count out our Austin girl! I predict Miss Tyra will cut off all of Chantal's big Texas curls, maybe make her a brunette, and she'll emerge from the makeover episode looking "fierce." But Mila and the Yale chick's days are numbered. Welcome back! I so wanted you to blog Rock of Love this summer!

gigi said...

Another thanks for the welcome back! And you make an excellent point, re: Chantal. They're all seeing model so I probably should give another look, and it's true--the makeover episode can change everything...I will hold further Chantal judgment thanks to your wise counsel.

Oh, Rock of Love...I just couldn't do it! Although sorry to have missed what was undoubtedly a wealth of blogging material. Fear not, VH1 will surely schedule another horrible has-been star dating show. I still can't get over how horrific the Scott Baio show is. Gigi does not love Chachi anymore!

Stephanie said...

Love Rock of Love. Love the blog!! I, too, think that Yale chick was a poor pick. She has zero personality. ZERO! Overall, I'm quite pleased with the model selection. Jaslene looked ridiculously good in her "couture" shots. Dyam.

gigi said...

Thanks, Steph! Perhaps you should guest blog about Bret Michaels and his budding love life!

I might need you to convince Stu that Jaslene is a stunner! I'm glad you see it too. Dyam indeed.

Is it next Wednesday yet? Since last night's premiere was a mere one hour instead of its usual two wherein we get to see the first photo shoot and cut, I'm jonesing to see who gets eliminated immediately.

Cowbelle said...

You're baaaaack! yea! More to look forward to this tv season, now that i have cable and all. I love love love the inclusion of the Asperger's girl. Yale chick is a bad joke. She admitted it herself. Mila is just um, not pretty.

gigi said...

And so glad you're back Top Modeling with moi! So glad someone else stepped up to the *Mila is so not pretty* plate with me. Sometimes I just go to the CW web site and look at her picture and ask WHY WHY WHY? Only time well tell...or a week will tell when hopefully she gets the first boot of the season!

smrtygrl said...

I'm sososo glad you're back blogging again but "Sometimes I just go to the CW web site and look at her picture"? We really do need to find you a job. And how.

gigi said...


Although in my defense, I think I was referring, in my own little mind, to how when I deliberate over each model while I'm writing, I have to refer to their pictures on the CW site so I can remember everyone, so every time I do that(which was at least 13 times during the last post), I get to check out Mila.

Okay. Yeah. I need a job.

Molly said...

You're back! OH YAAAAY! I'm so happy to see you here. I was just saying to Brandon yesterday that I've missed you, lady.


gigi said...

Merci beacoup! I am most happy to be back, especially since it means Ty Ty and the models are also with us again!